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    We Have The Edge Through Personalized Physical Therapy Treatment

    Looking to join a brand that shifts the focus away from insurers and back to the clients you serve? At Competitive Edge, our concierge, cash-only, low-volume business model allows our owners to deliver:

    Tailored, state-of-the-art therapeutic solutions
    Solutions for our client’s best interests and desired outcomes
    A new approach to physical therapy.

    Becoming a Competitive Edge owner means being a member of a team of passionate professionals who understand that personalized care, systematic and informed application of new technologies, and a spotlight on the people who come to us for recovery and performance improvement can make a lasting difference in our clients’ lives.

    Our physical therapy services don’t depend on sign-off and approval from insurance providers, allowing us to:

    Have the freedom to offer the best treatment for the
    situation, every time

    Utilize our specialized, instrumented treadmills
    Use our surface EMG
    Take advantage our Force-plate technology
    Deliver 3D motion analysis
    Access other modern treatment-and-monitoring options

    Our services give us the best available tools to assist our patients in hitting their goals or achieving meaningful recovery.

    Competitive Edge believes that physical therapy should first and foremost be a service aimed at supporting and enhancing our clients’ wellbeing. We built our franchise to reflect that doctrine, and it’s positioned us to lead the way in our industry.

    What Makes
    Competitive Edge Special?

    Competitive Edge offers more to its owners than the chance to be part of a physical therapy franchise.

    We take a new approach to client service that has:

    Helped put us in a category apart from the usual high-volume therapy centers
    Our franchise a part of an industry that’s been historically

    Access to unlimited growth with industry projected revenue of more than $40 billion

    The physical therapy field is expected to continue growing, too, with expansion anticipated for at least the next five years. That expansion, along with our client-first model, puts Competitive Edge owners in a favorable spot for growth.

    Small business

    Meet Our Founder

    Competitive Edge founder and CEO Dr. Kevin Vandi works from a central tenet that in physical therapy, the client should always come first. He’s seen the business from all sides, and it’s given him the drive and experience to build a new and better therapy franchise, one that can deliver the kinds of service and treatments needed to put his belief into action.

    After graduating with a doctorate in physical therapy and postdoctoral biomechanics training for walking, running, cycling, and more, Kevin got his start working at an outpatient practice that relied on high volume to stay in business, and he soon recognized the flaws in a system that utilized outdated technology and looked to insurance providers for final approval on treatments.

    In 2015, Kevin opened the first Competitive Edge in San Jose, with a business model that does away with the high-client traffic concept and insurance gatekeepers. His emphasis on personalized, data-driven services and low-volume, client-centered care was an immediate hit with clients and staff.

    Today, we’re getting ready to spread the Competitive Edge word across the nation, and introduce clients everywhere to a physical therapy approach that places their needs and goals above all else. We’re looking to transform our clients’ lives, and we’re excited for the future.

    Become Part of the Competitive Edge Team

    Competitive Edge is preparing to grow, and we’re on the lookout for potential owners to come along with us as we work to transform the physical therapy industry.

    Contact us today to find out more, and see if franchise ownership with us might be right for your future!

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