Biomechanics in Maine with Dr. Patrick Healy

May 15, 2023

In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with business owner, chiropractor and sports scientist Dr. Patrick Healy from Healy Chiropractic in Veazie Maine.

Patrick shares his experience coming out of chiropractor school in St. Louis to working for the University of Maine to opening his own gait and biomechanics lab.  He shares his insights on how he got started, obstacles he faced, and how he’s using innovative technology to expand sports medicine in New England.

Having worked with college and professional athletes, Patrick has a wealth of knowledge on how biomechanics technology can make a massive impact on outcomes and performance.

He also has a unique design feature of his lab that you’ll want to hear about!

If you have questions for Patrick or find yourself in the Maine area needing a professional in sports science you can use these resources.