Biomedical Engineer Zach Scarano of Noraxon USA

Nov 28, 2022

In this episode we’re joined by Zach Scarano. He is a biomedical engineer and Director of Product Management at Noraxon USA, a leader in discovering and developing next-generation gait lab and human performance testing technology. Zach will discuss his journey in biomechanics and how it can help physical therapists looking to invest and dive into the field of biomechanics.

Zach began working in the biomechanics industry during his undergraduate studies. Before that, he didn’t know much about the space but as a student-athlete, Zach was interested in the data and sports science side of the industry.

When Zach joined the company, it was at the beginning of the multi-device architecture. The goal was to solve workflow issues for researchers who were gathering data from multiple devices at once. Then, it became a question of addressing the kinetic aspects and making everything integrated and smoother.

Since he began in this industry 8 years ago, Zach has seen it adapt and move into the rehab marketplace. This comes with practitioners and clients both becoming more comfortable with data collection and tracking.  As the current trend in biomechanics and health data capture continues to grow, clinics and performance centers need to have biomechanics tech to understand and better help their clients overcome complex injury and reach the next level of human performance.

Biomechanics is always advancing, and for Zach, product design is a fascinating aspect of the business. There are also applications for people with walking and balance issues that make the work all the more impactful.

To stay ahead of the curve, look at what is currently trending and growing. Wearable tech is constantly improving and becoming more accurate and available to the everyday consumer. The ability to track biomechanics over time is beneficial not only to you, but to your client. Less is more when getting started; it doesn’t have to be complex, you just need key applications. Start slow, find your specialty, and use it to grow.

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