Cassie Butts of 3 Planes Movement Specialists

Oct 31, 2022

On this episode of Business of Biomechanics we’re joined by the President and Cofounder of 3 Planes Movement Specialists Cassie Butts. Cassie has a background in biomedical engineering and is on the cutting edge of using biomechanical technology in real-world settings.

Cassie began her career working in a traditional physical therapy setting. It was around the ten-year mark she started playing around with apps and tablets to try and get a better understanding of her patients in the short time she had with them. She couldn’t convince her boss to invest in new and improved technology, although she tried.

Around this same time, Noraxon got in contact with Cassie’s husband and opened the door to an incredible opportunity to provide a better service to their community. This is how 3 Planes Movement Specialists mobile business began. Cassie doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar business. She is able to show up on location wherever she’s needed.

Approaching this new technology came with a learning curve, but Noraxon sent a representative to work with Cassie to teach her how to set up their system correctly. When she initially set up her system, she played around with it and did trials with close family and friends. Eventually, perfected her system and successfully tapped into her network connections and built a solid base of clients.

If Cassie could go back in time and give her past self advice, she would have gone easier on herself while building her business. It’s not about being perfect as much as it is providing a great client experience. If you have to recalibrate a few times, it’s okay. It’s more important to remember the patients’ point of view and ensure they feel taken care of.

3 Planes Movement Specialists: