Consistency and Feedback

Jan 10, 2023

In this episode I’m going to talk through the number one question I get asked form the podcast which is “how did you grow Competitive EDGE from startup to where it is today?”

This was the same question I asked myself while listening to other podcasts before I started my business because I wanted to know what the secret to success was.  As a business owner, I’ve made countless decisions over the 7 years I’ve been in business, some good decisions and some learning decisions, and in this episode, I talk through what I believe to be the two key practices you need to perform to be operate a growing and impactful business.  Consistency and feedback.

My answer to these questions might surprise you and be different from what you think.  You’ll hear online about “hustle” and “grind” as what separates the best from the average business owners and although those are both required in the startup phase of any business what I talk about in this episode isn’t some story about how hard I pushed myself or the crazy hours I got up in the morning but rather what I believe to be universal facets of any business owner looking to grow their business.

To operate a growing business that is adding staff, increasing top line revenue and profit, and is making a true impact in the community you’ll need to be more consistent than most and get regular feedback from those who have already arrived where you’re trying to get to.  Consistency and feedback, although not sexy, and not something that I can pound my chest and scream into camera about, will transform you and your business.  Enjoy the show!