Dr. Nick Studholme of Studholme Chiropractic

Dec 26, 2022

In this episode I sit down with Dr. Nick Studholme of Studholme Chiropractic in Denver Colorado.  

Nick has been in practice for 23 years and is a true early adopter to biomechanics technology.  He not only has a full gait lab suite of tech in his business but has continually invested in innovative technology to drive performance and outcomes.  Nick even co-invented a motion analysis app back before assessing clients with video and joint angles was even widely known in private practice. 

Nick’s practice has always been a cash-based business which has allowed him to set a high standard of care while reinvesting in new solutions to speed motor learning and recovery.  Nick shares his insights on what it was like to first integrate technology into his practice and talks about the importance of giving data its place alongside top-tier client experience. 

Nick also shares how his walking gait analysis has been incorporated into every evaluation and how that has helped him pick up on the small and large details that drive his consistent outcomes. 

When it comes to “work-life balance” Nick talks through how he scaled down from 2 practice locations to one and how he only treats clients 3 days per week.  We also talk through the future of technology in private practice and share stories and details from meeting up throughout the years at biomechanics conferences. 

Nick has been teaching as long as he’s been in practice and would welcome questions.  You can find his contact details below.  

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