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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a Competitive Edge franchise cost?

    Your costs will likely vary depending on your situation and market, but you should plan on investing $244,125 – $376,925 to open your franchise.

    What qualifications do I need to own a Competitive Edge franchise?

    You should be a licensed doctor of physical therapy, have at least 2–3 years of experience working in an orthopedic space, and have a passion for serving patients.

    Does Competitive Edge work with multi-unit owners?

    You should plan on being single-unit owners for at least the first year, to let you get your legs under you and get accustomed to our way of doing business.

    How do I learn to run the franchise?

    Support and training are part of our foundation, and we make sure that every owner and staff member receives continual training in the way we do things. You’ll get in-person and remote training on systems and technology for you and your staff, and will be connected with a senior member of our franchising team to help establish a mentor-mentee relationship.

    How do I locate the right site?

    Competitive Edge works with you to identify the right market, and location within that market, for you to do business.

    How do you measure and develop franchise growth?

    Our owners provide us with mid- and end-month P&L and financial data. This allows us to assess KPIs and critical drivers, and provide feedback and assistance.

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