Pushing the Boundaries in Baseball Analysis with Dr. Carter Hoffman

Mar 20, 2023

In this episode I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Carter Hoffman physical therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, and director of the Wisconsin Performance Institute (WPI).  Carter and his team have played an integral role in joining and pushing the boundaries of cutting edge biomechanics technology with baseball pitching and hitting analysis through their innovative VELO program.

In addition to sharing his story and journey into the field of biomechanics, and how students and new graduates can do the same, Carter shares valuable insights on the growth of WPI and how having the right people who are curious and passionate make all the difference.  If you’re a practitioner looking into being a rehab director or clinic director, Carter also talks through what the role looks like now, where it was before, and what he sees his role is in the development and expansion of WPI.

Be sure to follow Carter on Instagram: @hoffman.cart_dpt

You can follow WPI and their valuable content on Instagram: @wisperformance

Website: https://wisperformance.com