The Common Traits of Biomechanics Innovators

May 1, 2023

For this episode, I went back listened back to the biomechanics and business professionals I’ve had on the show in order to find their common traits and beliefs.

I love studying and watching greatness.  The professionals I’ve had on this show are innovators in their fields, are pushing the boundaries of sports science, and have achieved a high level of success that many aspire to.

After listening back to every episode, and after listening to episodes I’ve recorded that will soon be released, I found 5 key traits of biomechanics and business innovators.

These 5 traits drive action, results, focus, interest, fulfilment, and impact.  They make the work these professionals are doing truly meaningful and rewarding.  That is something not many rehab professionals can claim.

If you want a dynamic, engaging, and fun career or you want step outside the norm and change your business and ride the wave of tech innovation this is the episode for you.

If you have questions about how to add biomechanics technology to your practice – you can reach out to me