The Future of Rehab Is in Tech

Nov 14, 2022

In this episode, we’ll learn that to grow your practice, you have to adapt. And, with technological advancements in treatment always advancing, you need to embrace the change.

Physical therapy as a whole is balanced on a knife edge between adopting new technologies and old practitioners who resist the change. Think about companies that didn’t innovate; companies like Blockbuster which stayed in the comfort zone of what has always worked. These companies no longer exist.

The industry needs to adopt technology to keep up with the changing consumer environment. The medical sector, like many others, is rapidly advancing. Look at smart tech that can track your vitals and metrics. These are things you would ordinarily have to go to a provider for. The disconnect between physical therapy as an industry and technology is huge, and the lack of adoption will keep you stuck in the past and possibly out of business.

Think about your handouts for clients. Think about the blurry, printed plans you give to them. Now think about what they have access to on the internet. Countless apps can offer video guidance, real-time metric tracking, and exercise plans at the click of a button. People want to track everything about their bodies, but in traditional physical therapy, there is no objective data collection. That’s what clients want.

The technology that is available for physical therapists can capture this data and translate it into real-world applications. To survive, you have to adapt. Don’t become the Blockbuster of physical therapy. Stay relevant and tech-forward. It’s what clients want.

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