The Price of Perfect

Feb 6, 2023

In this episode I share my own journey and stories from the business world about a pervasive but silent limiter to progress in business and in life – the need to be “perfect” and the fear of failure.

As it’s often been said, “perfect is the enemy of good”.  Now, with Instagram filters and people showcasing the BEST parts of their lives on social media we are inundated with the desire to be and showcase to the world – “perfect”.

In launching my business and releasing new products I’ve struggled with wanting everything to be perfect before letting it out into the world.  In every instance, the desire to be perfect has kept me from actually getting to where I want to go, or at least delaying it significantly.  The fear of failure and negative feedback is what keeps most people from starting a business…but it doesn’t have to.

In this episode I break down the price and penalty of perfectionism and the ways in which I’ve learned to become comfortable with failure which has allowed me to grow my business, and in many ways, grow in my personal life.  Thanks for listening and enjoy!