Welcome to the Business of Biomechanics Podcast

Oct 17, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of Business of Biomechanics. In this episode, Kevin discusses his business Competitive Edge Physical Therapy and shares the technology they use and how it differs from traditional physical therapy practices. Before starting his own business he worked for a busy inpatient center for seven years.

During this time, he was able to learn from and work with very knowledgeable industry professionals. Kevin began to imagine what the future of physical therapy could look like. When Movement Performance Institute Founder and Owner Chris Powers came to speak at this center, Kevin had an “aha” moment and realized he didn’t have to open a traditional therapy practice like everyone else.

That night, he went home and told his wife he was going to open a gait lab. He studied everything he could about starting a business and took Chris Powers’ six-month course in LA. He knew going all-in was going to be a huge financial commitment, but his desire to create a world-class lab pushed him forward.

While research labs and sports teams have access to the best technology available for biomechanics, a lab like the one Kevin built isn’t widely accessible. When he built it, Competitive Edge Physical Therapy was one of the first of its kind.

What truly led to Kevin’s success was learning about marketing, sales, operations, and finance. As exciting as physical therapy may be to professionals within the industry, most people don’t wake up excited to open their wallet for it. Perfecting the customer experience and learning how to bring the right people in is crucial.